Coffee and Corals Origin Trip

(C) Hudson 2023 Corals Colombia

You’ve heard of how we partner with non-profits to provide funds for conservation action. Now, you can participate in it!

Remote Ecologist is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and AZA Conservation Partner. The proceeds from this excursion benefit the broader coral science and conservation project Remote Ecologist is undertaking with its partners in Northern Colombia, South America. It involves the advancement of restoration targets in and around two major marine protected areas (MPAs), the Parque Nacional Natural Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo near Cartagena and the Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona near Santa Marta, Colombia. Particularly, efforts are ongoing to improve coral percent cover and population genetics through coral sexual propagation techniques during coral spawning events.

What is included: 

This excursion will introduce the participants to the coffee-producing region of Santa Marta, Colombia. In addition to visiting coffee and honey farms, participants will have the chance to participate in Remote Ecologist’s coral conservation and restoration efforts in northern Colombia, along with an introduction to Santa Marta proper, the gateway for coffee cultivation in Latin America. Santa Marta is nestled between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Caribbean Sea, making for a unique opportunity to experience multiple biomes in one locale.

Participants will participate in cultural activities that are part of the stay include a trip up the mountains for visiting organic coffee farms, along with partaking in bird watching and the chance to bathe in many of the local waterfalls. Participants will be inundated in the nature surrounding the Pearl City. Part of that inundation will include an introduction to fragmentation and microfragmentation of corals, and taking a look via snorkel at the restoration area. Lastly, the group will snorkel on corals in the nearby Tayrona National Park, which offers the chance to see additional coastal dry forest filled with birds and Neotropical monkeys.

Cost includes activities, transportation, hotel, and food. Additional activities are available. Airfare is not included. Please coordinate with the excursion coordinator on all travel into/out of the country.

Required: Passport (U.S. citizens do not need pre-approved visa), Travel Health Insurance (a provider will be recommended)

Recommended: All appropriate regional travel vaccinations

Contact: Email for more information on potential dates and to set up a deposit.