About Us

Our mission is to bring single origin, fair-trade, premium coffee to those who value quality coffee and care about the state of our waters. 



We are what happens when passion becomes action. We're deeply rooted in science, and awe-inspired by nature. Our mission is to bring single origin, fair-trade, premium coffee to those who value quality coffee and care about the state of our waters

Dr. David Hudson:
Science Nerd and Conservation Officer

Dr. Hudson is the Founder and Research Scientist of Remote Ecologist, Inc., a science and conservation non-profit organization (and one of our partner organizations).

Dr. Hudson is fluent in Spanish, and spent time in Bogotá, Colombia as a U.S. Student Fulbright Fellow after earning his Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut.

His current projects include: investigating the effects of geography on temperature tolerance and survival in the blue crab, shelter competition in crustaceans, modeling freshwater crab distributions in Colombia, South America, coordinating sand tiger shark reproductive projects with other aquariums, evaluating how ocean farming affects the coastal environment, and quantifying the effects of noise on crustaceans and fish for the U.S. Navy

Adriana Hudson: Colombian, like the best kind of coffee, Marketing Contractor

Coffee is an inexpensive luxury that is part of my daily routine and has been since I was 2 years old. Growing up in Colombia, coffee is weaved into our daily lives since a very early age, and although I don’t advocate giving kids more energy than they already have, it is something I enjoy sharing with one of mine now.

Coffee is also the avenue for connection between my husband and me. Not only did we work to found Upwell Coffee, but we also hold weekly coffee dates in lieu of the usual date night.

I personally want to thank you for being the hero in this journey, and for supporting our water research and conservation efforts, once cup of coffee at a time.

Sal Sanchez:
Coffee Master and Roasting Contractor

Salvador Sanchez founded and owns A Cup of Common Wealth coffee shop (parent company to Chocolate Holler chocolate shop and Magic Beans Coffee Roasters). 

He consults businesses in the fields of food, beverage, grocery, business strategy, and business management. 

Upwell Coffee partners with his company for roasting.

Prior to opening A Cup of Common Wealth, Sanchez worked at Hastings Entertainment as their Director of Coffee Cafes, Front End Operations & Guest Services, where he was responsible for operations, marketing, merchandising, purchasing, new stores, training, human resources, finance & strategic initiatives for 100 cafes as well as front end operations, merchandising, training, purchasing, strategic initiatives and customer experience for 150 stores. 





Our hot-air roasting results in a more evenly roasted and cleaner-tasting product that better highlights the unique and delicate characteristics of different single-origin coffees.