Renewed Efforts to Fund Conservation and Research After the Pandemic

We started as a way to fund the kind of non-profit efforts in research and conservation that need effort year-in and year-out.

Our partners are accomplishing just that, even through the pandemic. We are funding their continued efforts to monitor water quality (Harbor Watch), fund sea turtle nesting beaches around the world (The Oceanic Society's SWOT grants), advance coral restoration methods (Project SECORE), advance new ways to become an amphibian conservationist (The Amphibian Foundation), and keep the public engaged in community/citizen science (The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk). 

All these efforts continued through the pandemic, and these organizations came out the other side still chugging along. We want to make sure that these efforts continue, and that the science of conservation continues to advance to improve our collective stewardship of marine and aquatic systems.

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- Dr. Dave Hudson