SUBMERGE Expeditions

We work directly with our non-profit partners to bring you into the field! These expeditions get you directly involved with our field partners' projects, and directly support their mission and long-term conservation and science goals. Check these out!

In partnership with field partners , we are taking you from land to sea, to explore coffee growing areas in and around Santa Marta, Colombia and to snorkel with corals. This trip supports the science and conservation work of Remote Ecologist and its partners, specifically their coral work and Rangers and Restorers Program. No diving certifications required. For SCUBA-focused coral workshops, see Remote Ecologist's Join Us In the Field page.

It's the perfect time to travel south to warm waters and contribute to the conservation of our precious marine ecosystems, SCUBA diving and working alongside our scientists and partners. This item is the $500 deposit for the items available (full pricing is $2,350 plus tax, to be paid through a separate link). Email for more information.

What is included:
This excursion will introduce the participants to the coffee-producing region of Santa Marta, Colombia, in addition to several days of coral conservation and exploration training. In addition to visiting places like coffee and honey farms, participants will have the chance to take part in Remote Ecologist’s coral conservation and restoration efforts in northern Colombia, along with an introduction to Santa Marta proper, the gateway for coffee cultivation in Latin America. Santa Marta is nestled between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Caribbean Sea, making for a unique opportunity to experience multiple biomes in one place.
Participants will take part in cultural activities that include a trip up the mountains for tours of organic coffee farms, along with partaking in bird watching and the chance to bathe in many of the local waterfalls. Participants will be inundated in the nature surrounding the Pearl City. Part of that experience will include an introduction to fragmentation and microfragmentation of corals, and taking a look via snorkel at the restoration area.
Tentative Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrival in Santa Marta, Colombia. Welcome reception and a detailed workshop on tropical forest and coral ecology, threats facing reefs, and restoration techniques for each system.
Day 2: Day trip 1 to Minca. Morning nature walk through active conservation areas in Minca, followed by exploration of the scenic mountain town known for its coffee plantations and waterfalls. Breaks in between for rest and meals.
Day 3: Day trip 2 to Minca. Morning nature walk through active conservation areas in Minca and a second coffee plantation and waterfall. Breaks in between for rest and meals.
Day 4: Field site snorkel excursion on coraline areas in Santa Marta (via boat), followed by opportunity for dry tropical forest hike in Mamancana. Breaks in between for rest and meals.
Day 5: Bello Horizonte morning kayak tour/SUP (stand up paddleboard), followed by cultural excursion to Santa Marta proper, with wrap up event.
Day 6: Morning review session of the expedition over breakfast, followed by departure from Santa Marta.
Cost: $2350 USD (plus taxes and fees), includes activities, transportation, hotel (Hilton Santa Marta or similar), and food. Additional activities are available. Airfare is not included. Please coordinate with the excursion coordinator on all travel into/out of the country.
Payment: $2350 USD (plus taxes and fees) due 30 days prior to trip (contact program coordinator if there is an issue). $500 deposit here (below), for the Upwell Coffee Submerge Expedition, and full payment via a link sent by the tour coordinator (or paid below in Upwell Coffee Submerge Expeditions, (Select 6 day/5 night Snorkel Expedition), additional $1850). All prices are plus taxes and fees.
Required: Passport (U.S. citizens do not need pre-approved visa), Travel Health Insurance (a provider will be recommended). If diving, proof of DAN Insurance and SCUBA certification.
Recommended: All appropriate regional travel vaccinations. 
Contact: Email for more information.